Sindicate Entertainment Group, LLC is an arts and entertainment company based in San Diego, California. Veteran founded and established in 2017, we focus on the promotion of local artists, entertainers, and independent businesses through cross-platform marketing and channel based promotion.

The various “channels” in which Sindicate Entertainment Group, LLC promotes events, brands, and entertainment are focused around various themes. The channels actively in effect are listed below:

Wrath: The wrath channel focuses on combat sports and physical activity events. Primarily, the wrath channel is providing coverage of professional wrestling events and personalities in the San Diego area. Further information and coverage shots can be found on the @sindicatewrath page of Instagram or at facebook.com/sindicatewrath.

Lust: The lust channel focuses primarily on modeling, generally in the budoir and nude categories. The channel content is generally available censored, with uncensored options available via print and on our direct download site. Further content promotion is available on ello.co/sindicateeg on the facebook page facebook.com/sindicateeg and on instagram @sindicatelust.

Envy: The envy channel focuses primarily on specialty events such as those held in the cannabis space. With recent legislation changes in California, cannabis has been a popular channel both on the event space as well as the photo/videography space. Information on events and example product shots are available on the website as well as primarily on Instagram under the envy specific account @sindicateenvy.

By utilizing multiple channels we hope to provide a network to our members to explore various interests as well as cross promotion opportunities to those with businesses. We hope that you find value in the content generated and consider joining our community!